Statistic vs Machine learning

I think there are lots of people who might be a little bit confuse or we can say may have not clear between Statistic and machine learning.
Even I was aware of machine learning but I was not clear much about statistics. I have started reading about statistics and here I got to know what exactly is statistics and machine learning.

Statistics: The statistics way of thinking typically says you formulate the problem then you get the data to solve that problem. A statistical model, on the other hand, is a subfield of mathematics. Basically, In the statistics world, the question is cheap and the data is Expensive and you paid for collecting the data.

Statistics use Mathematics to perform technical analysis of data.

Statistical modeling is a formalization of relationships between variables in the data in the form of mathematical equations. Statistics is about the sample, population, hypothesis, etc.

Machine learning: The Machine learning way of thinking typically say that here is the data and tell what the data is telling you. Machine learning is a subfield of computer science and artificial intelligence. It deals with building systems that can learn from data, instead of explicitly programmed instructions.

In the Machine learning world, the data is cheap and the question is Expensive and you paid for asking the right questions.

Machine Learning is an algorithm that can learn from data without relying on rules-based programming.

Machine learning is all about predictions, supervised learning, unsupervised learning, etc.

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